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Taking you Miles and Miles into your future...


I'm Emmy, the founder of Emmy Shoots and Miles Workshop. 

With a bachelors degree in


I studied everything from art direction to cinematography, fine art photographic prints to set design.

Photography and event planning are my passion. Quite early on in my career I began planning and creating large production shoots. 


My work has been published on

The Lane, Together Journal, Bride and Tonic, Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding.

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Our story

We're going to

17TH-20TH OCTOBER 2023

The Schedule




Arrive early evening to the villa accommodation in Playa d'en Bossa and enjoy a leisurely evening of good food and wine, mixed with engaging conversations with your talented and ambitious peers. 


Go to sleep under the Ibizan stars or head out to sample the iconic dance scene. We're next to

 Ushuaia and Pacha! 






Morning Masterclass with Emmy Shoots 

discovering your chosen kit and to discover all the marvels you've packed. 

We'll discuss the technicalities of shooting film in the specific light of the day as well as individually discussing why you've chosen film as a medium. 

Tom Wright will be on hand for support and guidance throughout the session. 


Light lunch & refreshments


Afternoon Shoot at the villa by the pool with two model couples learning to manage digital and film simultaneously. We'll be utilising direct light as well as indoor light sources to challenge the way you handle your exposure. 


Free evening to explore the island




Sunrise Shoot in Playa d'en Bossa 

with two model couples; one bridal and one lifestyle. 

The sun rises on our very beach!

Here we'll be looking at backlighting your subject and the way different cameras read light. 


Light lunch & refreshments


Afternoon Masterclass with Emmy and Tom.

We'll be covering film labs, film stock and camera choices best suited for your brand. 

We'll all discuss how to price and incorporate film into your photography business.


Sunset Sailboat Shoot 

in San Antonio with two model couples. Are you ready to give it your all and shoot your dream client?


Free evening to explore the island




Morning Masterclass with Emmy and Tom recapping everything you've learned during your stay with an open forum. 


We'll wrap up with a portfolio review with Tom Wright, helping photographers develop their

knowledge and utilise the tools they need to thrive in this fast-paced, community-driven industry.


Now time to enjoy the White Isle…

The World is your Oyster


Mastering your own art


Positioning your business

What you'll take away with you from our workshops...



The tools and platform to create the brand you've dreamed of through

brand association with bridal designers and vendors from the far corners.

A mix of ambitious photographers with varying styles and experiences in

support groups with photographers that will guide and assist you.

Meticulously planned shoots and workshops to inspire

and motivate you to master your own change.

Coaching and mentoring

The chance to relax and unwind amongst like minded professionals

with ambition and drive to learn from each other.

 A 4 day Film Retreat in Ibiza


Single Occupancy



(A double room all to yourself)


Double Occupancy



(share a double room with another attendee)


What we offer...

Support and guidance from Emmy


First access to Emmy Shoots' debut colour release Lightroom presets. 

 When attending a workshop, beautiful galleries to use for your portfolio

featuring all the brands you want to work with.

Connections that will last a lifetime. Through both brand association and the 

people you'll be surrounding yourself with.


Access to Emmy Shoots' workflow templates including

Wedding Workflow in Excel, and client Finer Details,

Products such as 'How to be a good second shooter',

'How to plan a styled shoot' and more...





1. How do I pay? Your first instalment of £500 is due upon booking. £1000 is due in July and the remainder is due in September. 


2. How do I get there? Ibiza is accessible from most airports . From London the flight takes 2.5 hours and a return is currently £90! Once you arrive, we're just 5 minutes from the airport! 


3. Is food and drink included? Food and drink is included on the days above as stated. When you have a free evening you'll be able to travel and source your own reservations.


4. How will we travel to shoot locations? We'll be hiring vehicles during our stay so you'll be taken care of. 


5. What if we run out of film? We'll be bringing extra stock for photographers to purchase. 


6. Is wine included? Wine is included on the evening you arrive. You're more than welcome to

 bring your own food and alcohol and there will be lots of supermarkets locally. 


7. How will we know what to bring? Emmy will be providing an individualised plan for each photographer once they book to help prepare with sourcing the right cameras and stock beforehand. 


8. How many photographers will be in the group? We usually limit the amount of photographers we allow to book. This ensures everyone has space to grow, question and have alone time with the models. We only allow 15 photographers at the masterclass. 


9. Can we book additional mentoring after the workshop? Of course! Emmy and Tom will be offering mentoring sessions post-workshop.


Anything else? You know where I am…

Fine Art Film

Shooting with film gives the greatest of liberties with the freedom to take a step back, take a

moment, reflect and shoot.

I started shooting film 8 years ago and shot my first wedding on film 7 years ago. 

I still chose that very first camera for the majority of my film weddings. 

It's an art form, a freedom of expression not compliant within the realms of standard technically correct forms of photography. 

It's a gift.


If you are looking for honest guidance, a mentorship that will leave you both inspired and educated then I really cannot recommend Emmy enough. Emmy not only encouraged me to ask myself what or who it was that influenced my work but also what I wanted my own identity as a photographer to be.   


Emmy allowed me to ask question after question without reservation, whilst also taking the time to get to know me and where it was I wanted to take my own business and I can honestly say I have never met someone so generous with their own knowledge and time. Everything that I found to be a frustration, the imagery that I felt was out of reach, Emmy taught me to trust in the process and believe in my own ability.   


Emmy has invited me into a community that would have taken years for me to find alone and of everything she taught me, I think finding community was the most valuable lesson.   


There is still so much I want to achieve, so much I aspire to be, and with Emmy’s guidance I feel like I’m so much closer. Thank you Emmy. 

(Laura Wade) 


“Thanks Emmy. And everyone for such a good day. The workshop was so well done. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone.”  


(Danielle Smith) 


“Emmy, what can I say? Yesterday  was a truly amazing experience. There was plenty of time to shoot what we wanted but equally there was no sitting around waiting.  So much beautiful content too. I really enjoyed it. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one!” 


(Emma Ryan) 


"Thank you sooooo much Emmy for such an incredible workshop – you thought of everything and made shooting the sets an absolute dream! 

It was so well organised and very well set up with the most incredible suppliers. Everyone was warm and welcoming and I loved every minute. I’ll be coming to future workshops 100%!!!” 


(Zelda Rhiannon) 


“Emmy thank you so much for today. Not only was it styled to absolute perfection but it was one of the most friendly, welcoming and community led workshops I’ve attended (and that includes the one I ran. RBF is real) I’ve got so much content and can’t wait to edit and it was really lovely to meet so many new people.” 

(Esme Whiteside) 

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